Housing Search Program

Fair Housing Resource Center, Inc. Is proud to announce a new program! FHRC will be providing Housing Search services for clients in need. Due to the pandemic, FHRC has seen a significant increase in the need for assistance in navigating today’s housing market. Housing availability has been extremely limited and there has been an increase in evictions, discrimination, and unfair practices created by housing providers. FHRC has found that many individuals who lack computer skills do not have the capabilities to handle the covid restrictions put in place by various property management companies, landlords, and realtors. This hindrance has made it extremely difficult for the underserved population to access housing, and local resources and to advocate for their needs. 


Fair Housing Resource Center, Inc. (FHRC) is launching its new Housing Search Program. Participants will be assigned a Housing Case Manager who can hold their hand through the entire process of finding a new place to call home.  

Need help finding housing?  

FHRC’s Housing Case Manager can assist you: 

-Search area openings 

-Budget counseling 

-Create a unique action plan 

-Fill out and submit applications 

-Set up tours and attend with you, if needed 


Need access to a computer or internet? 

Many housing applications are now available online. Some landlords and property owners will only accept online applications. However, that can pose a barrier for people without computer or internet access, as well as people in protected classes, such as seniors and people with disabilities. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our Housing Case Manager. Our computer lab is:

-Free to use 

-Our Housing Case Manager can assist you in your search

– Print and keep listings you find

-Gain access to local programs and resources within your community


How to Participate

To take part in our Housing Search Program, you need to contact the Fair Housing Resource Center and complete an intake. Our program steps are listed below and will be tailored to meet your individual needs:  


  1. Complete an intake with FHRC staff or on the online form below. This will include providing information regarding your household, income, and housing needs. 
  2. A Housing Case Manager will contact you within 1-2 weeks to discuss your housing need. At this time, the Housing Case Manager will determine if an appointment is necessary. This appointment will be conducted in person at our office. An accommodation can be made on a case-by-case basis. 
  3. During your appointment, you will  be required to participate in budget counseling to assist with finding local resources, decrease expenses and build a savings. 
  4.  Once the Housing Case Manager has determined your housing needs an action plan will be completed to determine the level or services needed.  
  5. Our Housing Case Manager will then work with you in finding listings, aiding with local resources, computer lab use, contacting landlords, attending appointments, etc. These services are case by case and will be curated to meet your individual needs.  

FHRC staff are aware that finding housing at this time is extremely difficult. We are here to help you navigate the housing market to help you secure affordable housing. Please contact our office today for assistance or complete the form below.


Please note, our office is receiving a high call volume for our Housing Search Program. Please be patient while our Housing Case Manager works diligently to assist you with your housing needs.

Housing Search Application

Housing Search Application

Do you live in Lake, Geauga or Ashtabula County, Ohio or planning to move to any of these counties?
Martial Status
Are you employed?
Number of Bedrooms
Type of Unit ( Select one or more)
Do you have any evictions on your record?
Do you have a criminal record?
Do you have your first months rent?
Do you have your security deposit?
Can you pay for utilities?
Can you pay an application fee?
Do you have any pets?
Do you have a housing voucher?
Do you need a reasonable accommodation (i.e. grab bar in shower, wheelchair ramp, handicap parking)?