The Rental Information Center

FHRC offers advice to both landlords and tenants with rental housing concerns and provides information regarding landlord-tenant laws and landlord and tenants’ rights and responsibilities. A phone hotline is staffed Mon-Thurs from  8 am – 6 pm by housing counselors, who are available to answer questions regarding rental housing issues and provide referrals for additional services.

Eviction Diversion

Eviction Diversion assists tenants facing eviction and offers assistance when possible to prevent evictions. Program staff is available to explain the eviction process, outline various options for tenants being evicted, and provide information and referrals for a number of community-based services, which assist with locating housing, providing financial assistance for rent and security deposits, and offering legal assistance. FHRC cannot represent clients in court.

Tenant Advocacy and Organizing

FHRC assists tenants in multi-family apartment complexes to organize around common housing issues and concerns. Staff is available to work with tenants on a variety of issues and to assist in advocating for improved housing conditions.

Dispute Mediation

FHRC assists tenants and landlords with housing concerns and information regarding landlord-tenant laws and the rights and responsibilities of each party involved. Staff is available to answer questions and concerns. When a tenant is facing housing issues with their housing provider and they do not have the ability to resolve the issues on their own. FHRC staff can contact management on their behalf to work out a resolution on a case by case basis.

Landlord/Tenant Materials

FHRC has provided proper documentation for landlords/tenants in regards to housing issues. When put in a difficult situation and an issue is needed to be resolved, FHRC has provided resources to individuals to notify the landlord/tenant of the issue by using our template letters. This documentation is here to assist you and should be customized to your particular needs. Please keep in mind these letters are not intended to provide legal advice. If you need legal advice, please contact an attorney or Legal Aid for assistance. Please click here for template letters and brochures.