Getting Your Mortgage Back on Track

Job loss, divorce, illness or financial crisis can have a devastating effect on your home. Our trained Counselors will help you evaluate your options based on your circumstances.There are many programs available to assist homeowners who are struggling. There programs are funded by HUD, U.S. Department of the Treasury and the State of Ohio.Help is Just A Step Away!!


Foreclosure Prevention Counseling

FHRC is a HUD-certified housing counseling agency capable of providing assistance to clients seeking help with various housing issues such as predatory lending, loss mitigation, and foreclosure prevention.

Fair Lending

Tips on Being a Smart Consumer

• Attend a home ownership class offered by a HUD approved counseling agency.• Interview several real estate professionals (agents), and ask for and check references before you select an agent to assist with buy or selling a home.• Get information about the prices of other homes in the neighborhood.• Hire a properly qualified and licensed home inspector to carefully inspect the property before you offer to buy.• Shop for a lender and compare costs. Be suspicious if anyone tries to steer you to just one specific lender.• Do not let anyone persuade you into making a false statement on your loan application, such as overstating your income, the source of your down payment, failing to disclose the nature and amount of your debts, or even how long you have been employed. Lying on a mortgage application is fraud and may result in criminal penalties.• Do not let anyone convince you to borrow more money than you know you can afford to repay.• Never sign a blank document or a document containing the contract. Insert “N/A” or cross through any blanks.• Read everything carefully and always ask questions. Do not sign anything you don’t understand. Before signing,have your contract reviewed by an attorney skilled in real estate law. Also, consult with a trusted real estate professional or ask for help from a HUD approved counseling agency.• Be suspicious when the cost of a home improvement goes up if you do not except the contractor’s financing.• Be honest about your intention to occupy the house. Stating that you plan to live there when, in fact, you are not (because you plan on renting it out or fixing it up to resell) violates federal law and is a crime.

Additional Resources

This website is designed for the Ohio homeowner who is struggling financially and evaluating whether to keep the house. If you are buying a house on land contract, buying a mobile home or even a tenant whose house is in foreclosure, see the Other Housing section of this website for information and resources.The Making Home Affordable ® Program (MHA) ® is an important part of the Obama Administration’s comprehensive plan to stabilize the U.S. housing market by helping homeowners get mortgage relief and avoid foreclosure. To meet the various needs of homeowners across the country, Making Home Affordable ® programs offer a range of solutions that may be able to help you take action before it’s too late.Refinance and take advantage of today’s low mortgage interest rates.Reduce your monthly mortgage payments.Get mortgage relief while searching for re-employment.Get help when you owe more than your home is worth.Avoid foreclosure when homeownership is no longer affordable or desirable.